OBS Studio Officially Supports Mixer OBS FTL. Awesome News For Mac Users!!


Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 18.10.24


If you are a streamer, whether Video Games or Table top Games float your boat. Then you probably have used one of these top streaming sites i.e. Mixer, Twitch or Youtube to get your message over to followers of you particular gaming type!

Mixer (formerly Beam)  which was acquired by Microsoft and added to its Windows 10 and Xbox platforms as their own streaming network. Microsoft released iOS and Android apps for the same platform to make watching streams mobile!

Mixer released its own build of OBS called FTL. This is a low latency build which cuts down the delay between the streamers footage and speech in live streams.

Now the awesome guys at OBS have now officially added the FTL code to its latest release of the OBS and hopefully every release from now on. If you’re a Mac user and stream using Mixer this is a big thing as you can now finally download the Mac build and get full use of FTL!!!

To download the latest OBS Studio build head to this link:

Install the new build over you existing installation and all your settings should be saved. Change to the Mixer.com FTL server in the stream section of OBS settings and away you go!!