Destiny 2 Beta Preload Is Now Live


The Destiny 2 beta Preload is now Live (Console Users Only).

Ps4 and Xbox One users can download the client now and be ready for the early access. This is only for gamers who pre-ordered. The Beta goes live next week and the image below shows the days each console ’s Beta is active. PC users will have to wait till August for their Beta to start.


This is how it works:

If you ordered a Digital copy of the game then head to the store on your console and download.

If you pre-ordered a hard copy of the game then you’ll have to wait for your code to arrive by email, before downloading.

If you didn’t pre-order and wish to take part, then you’ll have to wait till later in the week for the full open Beta which includes all console users.

There’s no news on the download size but there’s plenty of time to get ready.

Have fun guys and thanks for your time.