Microsoft Changes Beam Streaming Platform Name to Mixer

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 10.48.31

The Microsoft-owned live streaming platform Beam, has been renamed Mixer. The streaming platform which is integrated into Windows 10 and the Xbox One, is hoping to challenge the likes of Twitch and YouTube in the game streaming market. Beam appeared in January 2016, with Microsoft acquiring the company in August. Beam was added to Windows 10 and the Xbox One in Spring this year.

Mixer offers something called interactive streaming, which allows viewers to affect gameplay in supported titles, add to this the promise of low-latency streaming (Mixer promotes its streams run with less than 1 second of delay, while the latency is typically 10-20 seconds on other services.) With the vast majority of people livestreaming video games on Twitch or YouTube, the switch may see a drop in their viewing public!!

Another addition is the possibility of multiple streams on one screen, these can be the same game or different one’s. giving the viewer additional viewing options.

Add to this a Mobile App (Check Post here) and Mixer support of OBS (Open Broadcast Software) by means of a special build called OBS FTL. Microsoft are taking this very seriously. App support for iOS and Android , with OBS FTL support for Windows PC’s only, (No Official Mac support as yet). Which cuts the Latency giving the 1 second delay mentioned earlier. And as a Mac user myself its a shame and I can only hope support arrives soon!! 

There is a Chance that the Mixer platform may be available for PS4 users soon. Microsoft says that they have no reason to stop the addition. Sony may not jump on board as they already have a Gaming sharing service. Time will tell….