Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Guerrilla games have released the much awaited game Horizon zero dawn. This is a massive move away from their usual game type and they haven’t disappointed.

Horizon is a beautifully made RPG that is totally engaging from the start and excellently scripted. Set in a wonderful world, which you have to take a breather from the gameplay to admire. The scenery is jaw dropping and the PS4 doesn’t struggle at all. On the PS4 Pro  the visuals step up a few notches and are absolutely beautiful in 4K with HDR, with no drop in frame rates. This is the best looking game I’ve played even beating the Uncharted 4.

Guerrilla have included a photo mode to capture screenshots of this wonderful world, you can get addicted and find yourself snapping away for long periods rather than playing the game!! This isn’t a bad thing and by no means is this a replacement for the games content.



Aloy (Our Heroine) is a huntress opposing her outcast label goes on a mission to find the answers to how she came to being, why the robot creatures are being corrupted and why her tribe is being attacked. In this tribal world filled with different faiths and violence, you find yourself drawn deeply into the story from the start! I found myself playing for a lot longer than i had set out to do with hours flying past like minutes in the intriguing story.

The gameplay is streamlined, gaining XP from quests and kills this unlocks skill points which can be spent on character upgrades. Horizon also includes a crafting system to build weapons, traps, bags and ammo. The components for these can be collected from either the Plants and Robots or the Wildlife that roams the land. These can be crafted on the move which is a great system keeping you moving and able to sustain yourself without breaking the continuity of the storyline.

There is a main quest line with additional side quests which are a great addition. The main quests are obviously the main story where the side one’s give you an extra XP boost. The side quests seem to follow the same sort of direction (having to follow a trail or kill / collect so many things) but this doesn’t deter you and are very enjoyable and you find yourself doing every quest no matter what the reward.


The Robots you encounter have their own type of weakness’s , with the fights being very tactical and a need to use several types of weapon to bring some of them down. This is challenging at times but never frustrating and you get a real sense of achievement when you get that tough kill, even after dying a few times to reach the goal!

If there is a very slight niggle (but you can work around this) the map system is a bit odd. The on screen map bar shows you the direction of a quest, but this differs from the actual map which takes you the long way round. Almost like a GPS i suppose but missing the fast route option. It wasn’t really a problem for me as i used to cut across country most of the time collecting crafting items and seeing more of the world, rather than just following roads to places.

Mounts, epic gear, masses of weapons, questing, crafting with a wonderful storyline and beautiful scenery sum up this awesome game. If you love RPG’s own a PS4 of any kind. Then get this game you won’t regret it.